Easter 2016

Eden had an Easter party last Thursday at her preschool and couldn’t get over the excitement of the impending holiday. She came home with eleven eggs that she had me hide over and over and over again for her to find. I knew she was really serious about this Easter business when she asked me to hide them that night and said to come wake her up and pretend like the Easter Bunny had come in the morning. I told her that most likely she would wake up first and come get me up…which is the usual routine, unless we have preschool or somewhere to be. She was adamant though and said she would wait in her room for me to come. When I woke up, she was just chatting away to herself in her room, patiently waiting almost 45 minutes later than she would have normally come into my room to get me.  I giggled to myself at her determination, hid the eggs, and came and told her the Easter Bunny had come.  With squeals of delight she took her basket and began finding eggs!

Needless to say, she got in lots of practice finding eggs before Easter morning. She came in a 7:15 Easter morning informing me and Reed that the Easter Bunny had come! We followed his footprints out to her basket with her, she proudly showed off her basket loot (she was most excited about the peeps, and all week kept saying that she hoped the Easter Bunny would bring her some -bleh! We differ with that one) and then she began collecting all of the eggs.  There were three light pink eggs that had surprises in them other than candy – one had a whole dollar, and two others had shopkins (this would explain why she only went for the pink eggs at her grandma and grandpa’s house during another egg hunt that evening J ). After the eggs were collected we enjoyed our breakfast. I had made some typical Italian Easter cookies with hardboiled eggs in the middle, that I hadn’t had since I had eaten them on my mission for Easter breakfast in Italy (see recipe in succeeding post).  I think they will be a yearly tradition!

We had a relaxing morning, talking about the resurrection of our Savior, listening to church tunes, eating waaaaay to much candy and a little bit of lunch, and getting ready for church. Church wasn’t just extra special because it was Easter, but it was also Eden’s very first talk in primary! She spoke on prophets and how Heavenly Father speaks to us through them. I wanted to work on the talk with her all week, but with the busy week we had, we didn’t even get her talk together till Saturday. She nailed it though! By the time she was supposed to give it, she had part of it memorized and could read through the rest. Reed and I definitely felt proud watching our little tyke fearlessly and excitedly give her first talk <3. 

After church, we went to grandma and grandpa Doxey’s house where we were joined by other family, including Eden’s cousin Nixon. She is always so excited to spend time with Nixon – both of them have been only children for quite some time and they both play so well together!
We enjoyed a nice Easter BBQ of hamburgers and hot dogs and we were not lacking in dessert, since each family there happened to bring one, haha! Heaven! After dinner Eden and Nixon played downstairs while the Easter Bunny visited the backyard. Then we set them loose! Nixon was like a little egg collecting tornado – Eden, was a little distracted by all of the pink eggs and began looking specifically for them, passing lots of other eggs in her path, haha. In the end they both had a great reaping in their baskets to take home.

I sure do love holidays with my family- holidays and traditions make life that much better! 

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