A Ballet Recital

Eden Bug had her third ballet recital this week. She is in the 3-4 class and as I watched the little 2-3 year old class dance before her number, I was reminded of just how teeny tiny my girl was when she started dancing over a year ago. It was the very first structured activity that she took part in it was so fun watching her take in the instructions and work her little heart out to mimic the steps of the teacher.

Now, she was on to her third recital already and seemed so much bigger than the little 2-3 year olds :(. She always seems a little older at the recitals anyway, because it's the only time we ever see her with make-up on (which makes me want to make her wait till she is 25 to put it on each day!), but still, she needs to slow down!

Everything went well, except for a minor mascara incident...she had an itch in her eye and gave both eyes a pretty good rubbing with her hands. Without thinking, I let out a gasp at the sight, and just told her about how you can't do that with mascara...which sent her into "minor" melt down of tears (another good reason why waiting to wear makeup is good I guess ;) ). She was seeming tired and I definitely had some stressful pregnant mom hormones going on, but whew, we got over that, wiped the tears and smeared mascara off with a wet wipe and enjoyed the show while she waited for her turn.

I very much enjoyed watching her dancing to Be Our Guest this time around with her little feather duster. She seemed so focused and did great at following the steps. I definitely had to giggle as she, deep in concentration, overcompensated many of them....it was too cute. I had little tears in my eyes from giggling as I watched her.

She also did a tap number this time around (it was second to last in the program), but during that dance she seemed so tired...all those little girls seemed so sleepy and some of them were just improvising their own little dances, which definitely kept the audience entertained and the teacher. I was glad we ended up getting there early to take photos, because with the sleepy little girl we had by the end of the show, it would have been a nightmare to try and get some decent photos of her at that point. Although we did manage to get one cute of of her with grandma and grandpa Doxey and the sweet roses they brought for her :).

Here is a dump of my favorite photos of "Belle" from the night:

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