Dear Eden: A Birth Story

I can't believe my little baby girl will be 4 years old in two weeks and that her baby brother will be here in 9. I plan to post his birth story and keep record of it on the blog and wanted to get Eden's birth story up as well...which is one event I have actually written and kept a journal entry for. I'm sure glad I did too, reading through all of the memories and things I had forgotten...even though it feels like I remember it like it was yesterday. It was definitely a memory associated with so many feelings that most of it, even some of the fine details are forever imprinted in my memory, though. Below is a piece of my journal entry on my pregnancy with Eden and her birth story.

Dear Eden,


During my spring break from work (April 9-13)I found out, at the doctors, that you could come at any time and so I got all of my sub plans ready for the last six weeks of school.  Your dad and I were so excited and we would go to sleep each night with hopes that we would wake in the middle of the night to find out that you were coming. We had your little bassinet all set up in our room and were tired of seeing it empty each night…we couldn’t wait to see our little baby asleep in it. We had been trying to move into a bigger place and had finally found a place, but wouldn’t be able to get in until after you were born, so all of the gifts we were given, for you, were stacked in the living room. I had gone through and washed all of your newborn clothes and had those, your changing table and stroller and car seat ready to go. My due date was not until April 27th though, and they were going to induce me then if you hadn’t been born yet in order to prevent possible complications from the whole diabetes thing. Your grandma Schrock’s birthday was April 21st and when you still hadn’t come yet on the 20th, we were hoping you’d be born on her birthday. On that day, I went on a really long walk, but you still weren’t budging (I had been running while pregnant with you as often as possible…I would run slowly, but about 4 miles each time, since we researched that exercise was very beneficial for smooth pregnancies).  Each new day, my coworkers and principal couldn’t believe that I was still there, but I felt great.  Finally on Monday April 23rd I went to work like normal, had a very normal day, got things in order to go on an all-day fieldtrip at a track called Hershey Track Meet, the next day. My principal said if I was going, which I was planning on, that I would have to drive in case I went into labor. That evening I went home, met up with your father and we went to the doctors for a routine checkup at 7:00pm. The doctor couldn’t believe that I hadn’t gone into labor yet! And since I couldn’t go past my due date he when ahead and set it up for me to be induce that Saturday the 28th (one day after my due date since the hospital was completely booked on the 27th). Then we said our goodbyes and your father and I literally took one step out of the doctor’s office when my water broke. We turned right back around and told Dr.Taylor. He told us that he would meet us at the hospital and to go ahead and head on over there.

                We stopped by our apartment and your dad went in and grabbed the baby car seat and our packed suitcases and we headed about a mile or two away to the hospital in Provo (Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-the same hospital your dad was born at). When we got there, we sent out a text letting our families know what was happening and then we were checked into our room. It was a very nice room with a beautiful view of the mountains. I got into my hospital gown and then the staff started getting me all hooked up to the IV and monitors. There was a moment when they were testing the amniotic fluid and it felt uncomfortable and I laughed, causing lots of fluid to drain at once. When that happened your heartbeat started to drop and it was really scary for a little while, while the nurse moved me around, hooked me up to oxygen, and worked to get it back up. I was dead silent and praying in my heart that you would be okay and I know your Dad was doing the same. Our prayers were answered and your heartbeat returned to normal. (Your sweet Daddy had also given me a priesthood blessing a couple weeks earlier, that everything would go smoothly).  My contractions started coming on, on their own and when they got significantly stronger and more painful, the doctors gave me an epidural to numb me from my ribs down. This helped tons with the pain. Your dad and I were so excited, just sitting there together, thinking of your arrival. Every time I thought of actually holding you, seeing you, and touching those little hands that I had seen on the ultra sound and felt pushing me from inside, I would start to cry. I was not scared at all, just so excited to finally meet this little person who had been forming in me for the past 10 months. My little girl, sent from Heavenly Father. It was hard to sleep because my adrenalin was going and I was so excited. Your Daddy kept bringing me flavored ice and we kept talking about you. Finally, I nodded off some, but would wake to the nurse coming in to check on me. At around 4 am (Tues, April 24) they said that I was ready to push, but the doctor wanted to wait to let you descend a little farther. Then just before 5 am, the doctor came in with all of the staff, the lights were turned bright and I began to push you into this world. Your daddy watched as the doctor directed you through my pushing. I could only feel tightness, as I was numb from my ribs down. I pushed with all of my might and with all of my excitement of finally meeting you! After only about half an hour, you were completely out, you were born, and you took your first breath. It was 5:23 am on April 24th, 2012. They placed your tiny and warm, 6lbs 14 oz, real, live, little body on my tummy and I got to look at you…my beautiful little baby, for the first time. Of course you were crying, coming into this cold world, a sign that you were in good health. Your daddy cut the umbilical cord.  I held you there in a towel, and your dad and I just cried…tears of joy and tears of the surreal situation, as we looked at our baby girl, as we looked into your little eyes. We loved you and do love you from the inner most part of our hearts. We love you so much little Eden. 

They then took you, weighed you, measured you, made sure you were just fine, and then we were able to hold you more. Finally, your daddy took you with the nurses, to the nursery to get you cleaned up, while I was helped down into another hospital room, where we would stay the remainder of the time. While I got situated, Daddy watched them give you a sponge bath and wash your tiny amount of hair on your head, with a scrubber. Then they swaddled you tight in blankets and daddy picked out a bow for you to wear on your freshly washed hair…a pinkish- purplish bow with a little jewel in the center. 

Finally, you and daddy came back in to see me and after that we had nurses and visitors in and out the rest of the evening. My gestational diabetes was finally gone, so I got my dinner accompanied by a delicious strawberry milkshake!  Around 1 in the morning the nurses came to bring you into the nursery to get some sleep and let me and daddy get some sleep, too. Dad was starting new classes in the morning and would be leaving early to attend those and then come back to be with you and me again. We had three names in mind: Eden, Brynn, and Anna… and now that we had finally met you, we wanted to decide which one we thought suited you. We talked about how we felt and prayed about it and felt really good about your first name being Eden, but weren’t sure about your middle name yet. Then we went to bed, tired and exhausted. The next day I spent with you, while Daddy was at class. When he got back we finally decided that your middle name would be Brynn.  Eden Brynn Doxey. 

We had more visitors that night before we checked out of the hospital around 8:30 pm to take you home. Grandma Schrock came with us (she had driven out from Colorado) and she slept on the couch in our little one bedroom apartment for a couple days to be able to help with you. We finally had our little munchkin home and were able to place you in the bassinet so that it wasn’t empty anymore! Although, not sure how much you actually slept in it…you would be so wide awake at bed time that we could see the whites of your eyes! It was a little stressful watching you get jaundice and cradle cap, but after those were finally over, things went pretty smoothly as we watched you begin to grow way too fast! We already love you so much little sweet girl of ours!

Finally have our tiny babe in her bassinet :)

P.S. We finally got settled in a beautiful condo, with three bedrooms and lots of light. You finally got your own room and we actually had a place for all of your things

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