Jude's Newborn Photos

My how time flies! I feel like it was literally two days ago that sweet Jude boy joined our family and it has already been three and a half weeks...we are pushing a month here already! He is already growing too quickly for my liking! At his two week appointment, not only did he get back to his birth weight, but he put on a whole pound in addition, not to mention a half inch! My little 6lbs 15oz boy was 7lbs 13oz and is now surely over 8 lbs. I meant to take these pictures sooner, but didn't have the will or energy on my lack of sleep/getting used to having two kiddos. Finally, today not only did I get these photos done, so I can remember my tiny boy when he is big and grown, but I also got a nap in (while holding him), wahoo! Needless to say, I am feeling pretty good :)

Now for a photo dump of my tinynewborn boy:

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