Family Photo Sesh

Ahhh, good ol' family photos...

 I LOVE having them so much, but really loathe getting ready for them (finding/coordinating outfits - and keeping them clean, doing hair- and keeping it nice, getting to the location without a meltdown (the kids not me...or maybe me and the kids, haha, let's be honest). It's crazy how without fail the kids are in a great mood the morning of the photos and then turn on their whiny, wiggly, naughty button, ha! Eden was seriously so good that morning...being so patient while we all got ready and then as soon as it was time to go, she started getting whiny and frantic (Spotify was being spotty). When we got there she became a limp noodle and kept collapsing to the ground, looking away from the camera, and sliding her new black shoes in the rocks and dust. I got the feeling that this was going to be a long photo session and was going to take more energy than I could muster. Fortunately, after setting up a "strike out" system for Cornbelly's (her favorite fall activity to do with Reed) she finally started cooperating and perking back up. Jude developed a new screeching sound of frustration just before the photos (not even kidding), but fortunately he was really good for the photos...of course it's never quite easy to tell a baby not to squint, to stop drooling on his bow tie or to stop staring at the ground and look up, haha. He was a sweetheart though and even held off a while on his eating schedule for us to finish.

My limp noodle :P 

I'm so thankful for our patient friends, Annaliese and Christopher, who have no kids yet, but put up with ours anyway and helped to snap some shots so I didn't have to rely on a self-timer and tripod -I really do need to invest in a remote though! I was able to get some shots of them too, and boy was it easy to take photos of two adults, after juggling the kids in ours, haha!

I was so glad we were even able to squeeze family photos in. I have really been wanting them, now that we added Jude boy to the fam (and I REALLY want to make it up north for my cousin to take some with her legit photographer skills-- check her out here if you're in the SLC area cause she rocks) , but all we could really fit in was a drive down the road during a small time frame on a Saturday (we couldn't even squeeze a half hour drive up the canyon). I feel busy right now, with a new baby and a husband who is usually gone (mad props to any single parents, whew! I don't know how you do it, but you're amazing!) - I am trying to find the joy in the journey, but I kinda can't wait for him to be done with school (in July), on top of everything else he's got going on. I mean, I'm busy, but my schedule doesn't hold a candle to what that guy is doing -- he's amazing! Any who, I am so glad we were able to freeze a few moments in time during this crazy period, so that we can have memories and keepsakes of our family at this time.

We were going to capture the gorgeous fall leaves, that are soon to be gone, but were struggling to find the right lighting during the only time that worked for us and then came across this white brick wall -- I am a sucker for downtown areas and cools walls-- I absolutely love the little vent in the wall, that is in some of the photos. Anyway, it was a whirlwind and I am in love with the shots we were able to pull out of the craziness. I know these are mostly enjoyable for me and my fam (who wants to look at a bazillion gagillion family photos of someone else's fam?), but here comes the biggest family photo dump ever, cause I can't choose!

[ P h o t o  D u m p]

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  1. I love them all! You are such a trooper! I avoid family photos as much as I can because it's so stressful, but they are the best photos to have.