Pumpkin Patching!

I always miss my mom, but I had been missing her particularly a lot recently... So naturally it was such a sweet surprise to get a phone call from her letting me know that she and Lyle would be stopping by! They were headed here to pick up a dog to bring back with them to Colorado. They had a few hours to spend with us on Saturday and boy did we pack 'em good.

Eden...oh, Eden. She was SO excited on Friday night that she kept getting out of bed...or we thought she was getting out of bed. When she got up for the umpteenth time, I brought her back to her room to tuck her in, only to find her bed fully made. I asked where she'd been sleeping, to which she responded with a point to her bean bag chair. When I asked her why, she said that she wanted to make sure that her bed was nice and made when grandma and grandpa arrived in the morning. Silly goose! I informed her that they wouldn't arrive until 11 and that there would be plenty of time for me to help her make her bed look great before their came. I also told her that I didn't want a grumpy girl when the came because of a lack of sleep. So I talked her into sleeping in her bed. 

The next morning, she was up bright and early and kept looking out the window and asking, "Is it close to 11 yet?!?". When they finally got there she squealed with delight and ran to get the door, making sure I stayed upstairs so she could get it all by herself. 

Grandparents always come with surprises right!? 

They read the books that they brought with the kids while Reed and I made BLTs for lunch. After lunch, my mom really wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, but particularly one where you go out in the field to pick your own. Done! The Red Barn it was! We enjoyed lots of fun fall activities, including picking the perfect pumpkins (one for Eden and one for Jude), and then headed back inside of the Red Barn to get some ice cream (Eden ALWAYS gets ice cream when grandma and grandpa Schrock come and she does not forget it!). We also bought some peaches, apples, pears, and dried cherries...and oh, wow they are all amazing. I was going to dehydrate the apples, but they are the most crisp and juiciest apples, so that's not happening!

[P h o t o  D u m p]

Then we went back home and visited/cleaned up just a bit before going to Magleby's for dinner. We are so glad my mom and Lyle love Magleby's as much as we do...it has also become a tradition to go there together each time they come. We usually call ahead for reservations and get this table right by the front window looking out into downtown Springville. This night, there was a pianist right next to us playing on the grand piano while we relaxed, ate, and caught up on life. It was so wonderful and went all too quickly. 

After dinner we said our goodbyes and they were on their way, but what a wonderful packed day we had, had with them! I'm so glad we got the spend time together!

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